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m.DRATTELL shop presents a unique opportunity for customers to truly discover and become acquainted with talented designers, as well as to have a trusted resource for your fashion style needs. We wish to provide an artful and glamorous display of style by bringing to you an intimate, trusted and neighborly shop.

Located in the charming Village of Larchmont, m.DRATTELL stocks a selection of narrowly distributed yet highly desired American and European designers including Zero + Maria Cornejo, Rick Owens Lilies, Giada Forte, Lauren Manoogian, Giada Forte, Faliero Sarti, Lola Hats, Chinti & Parker, Colette Malouf, Chimala and Officine Creative, among others.

We don’t believe in trends… we believe in beautiful, stylish, well made clothing, which stands the test of time. The brands we showcase are innovative, sometimes experimental and unquestionably timeless – always respecting the classics. We all know that “less is more” and that is the result of investing in good design and quality. Our mix will always display elegance and sophistication. When you pick up something in our shop, expect to enjoy it for some time to come.